Jesse’s first camera arrived on his sixth birthday as a present from his father, celebrated photographer Simpson Kalisher. A darkroom soon followed.

Today, Jesse’s fine art photographs are sold at some of America’s premier travel destinations including The Grand Canyon, The Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. In addition, his photography graces the rooms and public space of hotels across the nation, including Hyatt, Hilton, Best Western and much more. “Interior Designers and their clients are the new Medici’s of the world,” Jesse says. “These folks appreciate art and, through smart business practices on their end and ours, are able to fund its creation. Clearly, without these faithful customers, my art would not exist.”

In addition to gracing walls of homes and hotels throughout North America and indeed the world, Jesse’s work is in the permanent collections of many museums including The deYoung Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, The San Jose Museum of Art, The Orlando Museum of Art, The Oakland Museum of California, The Boca Raton Museum of Art, The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and The Ackland Art Museum. Selected pieces from his “Human Race at Work” collection were on exhibit at The Oakland Museum of California for one year and his work has been exhibited at Chicago’s Field Museum, Photo S.F., Photo L.A., San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club and The Stephen Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles.

Jesse’s book “if you find the Buddha” was published by Chronicle Books and released in 2006 to great reviews. “If You Find The Buddha” includes 93 images which Jesse captured in both the U.S. and in Thailand each of which depict Buddha as part of everyday life and has a forward written by celebrated author Jeff Greenwald (“Shopping for Buddhas” and “The Size of the World”). You can learn more about the book at

Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator of The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, has declared Jesse, “A talented artist,” while Drew Johnson, the Photography Curator at The Oakland Museum of California calls Jesse, “an important photographer in the tradition of Dorothea Lange.”

“I came back to photography in my early 30′s,” Jesse says, “when I began traveling and bought a point and shoot camera to capture a few snapshots. But when I looked through the viewfinder, everything changed. Where I expected to see a snapshot, I saw instead a photograph. Where I expected to see memories, I found meaning. Where I expected to see something frivolous, I found instead my voice.”

You may have seen Jesse dispense photography tips on TechTV’s “ScreenSavers.” If you live in North Carolina, you may have seen Jesse on the NBC-11 Morning Show, or if you live in San Francisco, you may have seen Jesse on NBC-11 Mornings at Ten or the KRON-4 Morning Show where he has been a frequent guest, or heard him interviewed about his work on KFOG Radio. If you listen to National Public Radio, you may also have heard Jesse. He has been a commentator for Marketplace and tells stories for Day to Day, Weekend America, The Savvy Traveler and The State of Things.

In 2006, Jesse signed an agreement to lead photo expeditions for Regent Seven Seas Cruises as part of their inaugural “Circles of Interest” programs. “This was an exciting development,” Jesse says, explaining that it allowed him to share his passion for photography with like-minded folks and all in a fabulous setting.

“I am fascinated by the world we live in,” Kalisher says, “and I consider myself lucky to be able to photograph it.”