Teenage Self Portrait circa 1970s

For My Friends and Fans,

Some of you may have heard that I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer back in January. It’s been a journey filled with the expected ups and downs. I’ve had an amazing life – and even now there are amazing moments to every day. Don’t feel sorry for me.

That said, I did want to take a moment and thank you. Up until I became ill this year, I had blogged about my photography here every month without fail for six years – starting in January 2011. That’s more than 75 blog posts in case you’re counting. And you and you alone made that possible. You read my stories behind the pictures and inevitably responded with love and support. Your energy and feedback kept me going. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that.

Yes, there were months when the blog came easy. An image jumped out at me and demanded to be written about. And then there were months when I lacked a spark –when I floundered and felt like I was forcing myself to write about an image I might have otherwise overlooked. But that’s when magic happened. Staring at my selected image, my heart and soul would awake and the story would inevitably pour out of my fingers. In those moments, I was an explorer, looking deep into my spirit as an artist and finding something new and unexpected. I have you to thank for that as well.

I’m not writing about my photography any more these days – but this blog will stay here for years to come and with six years of entries, feel free to revisit anytime.

Art is Love.