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Who We Are

Led by David Winton and Helen Kalisher, the Kalisher team is made up of unparalleled artists who drive our creative collaboration and art exploration.

This talent and experience is unmatched in the industry and is the key to both creating and curating a comprehensive art collection that will inspire guests while working seamlessly with your interior design and architecture.


Helen Kalisher

Helen founded the company along with Jesse Kalisher in 1999. She has a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration from the Chelsea College of Arts, London. Earlier in her career, she designed work for Apple Computer and Dorling Kindersley. Today, she oversees all creative and curated work at Kalisher.


David Winton

David is an alumnus of the Glasgow School of Art and has helped build Kalisher’s team and capabilities for more than a decade. He provides strategic guidance and direction for the company’s more than 100+ employees.


Hospitality Art


Hospitality Art


Hospitality Art


We eat, breathe and drink collaboration. We collaborate internally and with our clients. That’s where we find the fun in our work – bouncing ideas off one another and coming together to create the best possible solution for each project. When you talk to one person here, you’re really talking to ten folks behind the scenes who are working together, as a team, to bring out our best work.