Barton Springs Pool, Austin—2006

The Story Behind the Photograph...

There is so much to like in this picture. The juxtaposition of the adults in the water, doing what adults do, apparently calm, adjusting their goggles and taking a break, with the dancing child off the left – he, completely uninhibited and full of joy. HIs captured moment reminds me of what we all should feel like at least once a day. I also like the way the lines work, drawing us down from the bottom right hand corner up through the center of the image. The clouds are wonderful.  As are the tones and contrast, from the dark trees in the upper right to the light gray cement in the bottom left. Oh, and this too, the boy in the photograph is my son Jordan. We were in Austin, Texas when after a long day of shooting we decided to visit the Barton Springs Pool… Barton Springs is a naturally fed pool where the locals go to cool off.  This was a perfect combination of family and work time as I alternated between swimming with the kids and taking a few pictures to capture the local landmark. I was looking for something or more precisely, someone to anchor an imagine for me when Jordan starting dancing and I realized I had precisely what I was looking for.



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