Costumed Actors, Grauman's Chinese Theatre—2009

The Story Behind the Photograph...

These iconic figures are fascinating. The actors really fit their parts, from their natural features to the way they carried themselves. Of course, the costumes don’t always fit perfectly which adds to the charm. For me the challenge was simple: keep the light at my back while framing a picture that contained a couple of the actors and also captured my imagination.  There’s a bit of controlled chaos at the front of the Grauman’s Theater with actors attempting to corral tourists, some of whom aren’t exactly sure what’s happening. Everyone’s moving around in unpredictable ways, and while it’s certainly not difficult to take pictures here, it takes a bit of patience and the ability to see a shot as it’s in the process of setting up. What’s particularly delightful for me in this image is the woman in the foreground reaching into her purse. The cash for snapshot transaction is not unusual, but it seems so poignant here, with these formidable super heroes in their indestructible poses waiting for a token payment from a tourist. My thanks to the actors who for the most part ignored me completely and let me go about my work.



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