Walt Disney Concert Hall—2009

The Story Behind the Photograph...

I had an opportunity to to take pictures of Frank Gehry’s Disney Music Hall earlier this year. Of course I was already familiar with this famous piece of architecture, but I had no idea how transfixed I would be, how completely this building would capture my imagination once I began looking at it in person and through my viewfinder.

What excited me was not the totality of the building, but its pieces, the cross sections, the lines and curves which kept me intrigued, entertained and amused all at once. Here’s a closer shot of a section which I enjoy:


But for me, the real magic of this building was in the detail and this shot is unquestionably my favorite. One of the 50 originals printed on silver paper in the darkroom is on exhibit at David Streets Beverly Hills. Another, thanks to my good friend Barbara Lazaroff, is off to Frank Gehry himself later this month. I hope he appreciates the print even half as much as I appreciated his building.



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