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“Crying while watching Dr. Who isn’t a new thing for me. (I’d have to hide behind the settee (aka couch) when the Daleks came on screen back in the 70′s.) But I admit I teared up a bit watching this scene where the time-traveling Dr. takes Van Gogh to visit a room full of his work at Musee d’Orsay.”

- Helen

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“The space in which art is installed can be just as important as the art itself. With the opening of the new Whitney in New York last year and the new extension at the Tate Modern, the design of museum spaces can be inspiring in and of itself!” — Jon

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“All you need is love… and art, as proven by this wonderful installation I saw in Kigali, Rwanda this past weekend.” – Jesse 

A wonderful story about finding your inner artist. It’s always time and never too late. – Jesse

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Tweet your art to NASA and they’ll share it with Bennu, the first asteroid to be visited by a NASA spacecraft.

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“Want your children to survive the future? Send them to art school.” – Sarah

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“Necessity is the mother of invention – or, in this case, of creativity. Wonderful space and congrats to all who were involved in the design, architecture and approvals” – Jesse

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“In a word, oh my, no way – who lives like this anymore? Can we all (and by ‘all,’ I mean everyone in the United States) chip in, buy this place and turn it into a museum?” – Jesse

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