“We often question the changing role of technology and its effect on our in-real-life relationships. This photographer went in the other direction—traveling the globe to personally capture her Facebook friends in their homes. Her work moves her digital relationships into something more ‘real’ through actual in-person human interaction. Are the lines between our digital and non-digital lives blurring? Is there even a line anymore?” – Jon

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“We tend to think of artists as full grown adults, full of intention and meaning. For every grown up artist, there was once a kid version of that adult—simply trying to tell stories of their world. My favorite pieces from this article include 9-year-old Edward Hopper and 12-year-old Michelangelo.” — Jon

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“One of my favorite things to come out of knowing Jesse was a real appreciation for the beauty of black and white photography. I got excited when I saw that Robert Frank’s Photos will still be on exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago when we’re there later this month. Art is love.” – Jon

Read more about Robert Frank at the AIC here.

“In this age of obsolescence, we have to be choosy about what to preserve. I’m with the Museum of Moving Image, who is working to raise funds for the preservation and display of Jim Henson’s famous Muppets. Imagine the exhibits!”  — Jon

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“I love music and art, so I was excited to hear about Solange Knowles’ recent piece at the Guggenheim. This intersection of performance art and music within a museum space is fascinating!”

– Jon

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“Kid power rocks the art world!”

– Jesse

Read more about the Met’s annual exhibit of art from local NYC public school students here.



“I love how this filmmaker captured something new in the Grand Canyon, a place visited and photographed by more than five million people each year.  It’s poetic to see the clouds trapped as waves. Sometimes it’s not about the phenomena or experience itself, but how you choose to look at it.”

- Sabrina

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“I’m excited and intrigued by the way VR is working its way into the world—in this case all-encompassing virtual experiences complete with actors, recreated African bush settings and claustrophobic rooms to draw us into the films. Designers and film-makers are working to bridge the gap between mind and body through these installations—rolling up their sleeves, putting on the headset and diving in. ”

- Helen

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Photo: Anthony Behar/National Geographic/PictureGroup


What happens when you let people go wild on a blank canvas. Such an insight into this crazy world of humans!

- Helen

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“Brilliant creative thinking. I’m not sure I like the idea of having skyscrapers clutter up the sky. And I’m wondering how we get up and down from this building. That said, I love that someone thought of this and then went and did the work to prove it’s viability. Now I’m challenged – what brilliant, out of the box idea have I come up with lately? I’m working on it.” – Jesse

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Asteroid Skyscraper / Yahoo.com