“This is equally mesmerizing and amazing. It’s truly worth watching all the way through” – Jesse

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“It’s an hour and well worth it. I listened in the car and loved the insights and inspiration” – Jesse

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“Everyone should have access to great art.” – Jesse

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“Performance art takes flight in this unexpected and socially brilliant new twist” – Jesse

“Reminds me of childhood–and how I could never get all the dominoes to stand up straight. This is a much easier (for some) process!” — Jon

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“What about the less known artists who are contemporaries of art superstars? I sometimes find their stories to be more interesting because they are rarely told. ‘Art Bastard’ tells the story of Robert Cenedella, a cohort of Warhol with a riveting story! In theaters this summer!” — Jon

“The space in which art is installed can be just as important as the art itself. With the opening of the new Whitney in New York last year and the new extension at the Tate Modern, the design of museum spaces can be inspiring in and of itself!” — Jon

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Cool! — Jon