With a record-setting attendance — the most for the Hirshhorn in 40 years – Infinity Mirrors plays with the contrasting ideas of selfie culture and “self-obliteration”, while challenging the artist to see the work through visitors’ eyes.

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Incredible move by MoMA.  In a not so subtle response to the anti-immigration actions of late, MoMA has clearly stated that art and the art world stands in opposition to any kind of limiting or exclusion.

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“We love all things OK Go—a powerhouse of creativity and new thinking.” – Jesse

Watch the band’s latest music video here:

This tiny, tiny space, down an alley between Franklin and White Streets in Lower Manhattan, houses rotating and permanent collections of objects “overlooked, dismissed, or ignored.”  Mmuseumm’s past exhibitions include Personal Possessions Found in the Pacific, Paper Works Found in Copying Machines, and Homemade Weapons of Defense.

Creativity around every corner.

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“This is truly mind-boggling.  Proof that design is everything – in case we didn’t believe that already.” -Jesse

Watch a short video of Kokichi Sugihara’s design-based illusion here:

“I love seeing creative minds at work.” – Jesse

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Watch the video on artist Oliver Jeffer’s Dipped Paintings project here.

“At our best, artists are meant to push boundaries. I love how one artist found inspiration in New York City’s sanitation department.  Among the items – used gloves contributed by workers from 12 city agencies, compiled to create Ceremonial Arch Honoring Service Workers III.” 


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“Crying while watching Dr. Who isn’t a new thing for me. (I’d have to hide behind the settee (aka couch) when the Daleks came on screen back in the 70′s.) But I admit I teared up a bit watching this scene where the time-traveling Dr. takes Van Gogh to visit a room full of his work at Musee d’Orsay.”

- Helen

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“A new level in understanding the foundations of art and creativity. It’s not about imagining something that doesn’t exist at all, it’s about looking at an object and understanding what it could look like – what amazing thoughts and creative structure are within the blank canvas or solid piece of marble and that are waiting to be exposed.” – Jesse

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“This is equally mesmerizing and amazing. It’s truly worth watching all the way through” – Jesse

Watch the entire video here.