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We're a leading provider of art for Hospitality. Our success has come because we are the artists; we create, localize and customize art for each project, delivering on time and for less than you'd expect. As healthcare and hospitality design begin to merge, we're uniquely poised to help you perfect your design while simultaneously helping your purchasing folks save money.


Step One:
The Right Art for the City

Local art makes a difference to the healing process. We made our name in Hospitality by creating unique, locally relevant art for each new property; no one in our industry can create and supply locally inspired art better than we do. As artists and the experts in providing locally inspired art, we're poised to help change the way you spec art - by working with you to create custom that depicts and ties into local culture, icons, flora and geography.





"Regional art is a necessity. Local Art prompts memories, releases endorphins, And, in turn, Anxiety goes down.”

Author of "Evidence-Based Healthcare Design

Step Two:
The Right Art for the Right Room

Creating and spec'ing the right art for each room in your healthcare facility is critical to the success of your overall design. While there is ample evidence that natural images are the most effective to promote healing, we don't want to fill healthcare buildings with mono-syllabic, over-simplistic images—or in some cases, the wrong images. Representational landscape images provide a welcome escape for patients undergoing difficult procedures. Images in the ophthalmology department need to be crisp and in sharp focus. Back-lit ceiling panels are great in the corridors leading to the O.R. Public spaces and academic settings all do well with more complex, engaging images. We'll go room by room and recommend the best art we can based on the current body of knowledge about what works where and without defaulting to dumbing it down.





“Art is a catalyst in the healing process, providing psychological benefits and reducing stress.”

— Liz Lawson, DuPont Building Innovations

Step Three:
The Plan Delivered

Send us your RFQ, your floor plans, your mood boards, renderings, design intent, even your budget. We'll pull together a plan that combines the perfect mix of locally inspired imagery and all we know about evidence based art. Our plan will include some mix of art under glass, back-lit panels, 3-d, wall murals, alternate substrates and more… and we'll include a quote for installation.



Completed Projects

  • Autumn Leaves Cyfair
  • Autumn Leaves Meyerland
  • Autumn Leaves Oswego
  • Autumn Leaves St. Charles
  • Autumn Leaves Tulsa
  • Autumn Leaves Pearland
  • Autumn Leaves Clearlake
  • Autumn Leaves Rockwall
  • Winthrop West
  • Winthrop at Polk
  • Watermark Rosewood Gardens
  • Watermark beverly Hills
  • Watermark ST Petersburg
  • Seasons of Layton
  • Fountains at La Cholla
  • Virginia Cancer Specialists
  • Sutter Emeryville
  • Sutter Santa Rosa
  • Spaulding Medical Center
  • Kansas City Men's Health Clinic
  • Henrico Doctors Hospital

In Progress

  • Orlando Regional Medical Center
  • Silvercrest
  • Courtyard Fountains Gresham


Healing Images
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Board of Advisors

  • Clark Pickett,
    Sr. Assoc. Architect,
    Planning & Interior Design

  • Iris Dates
    IIDA, Leed AP, EDAC
    V.P., Director of Design
    Healthcare Interiors

  • Jonathan Fischer, MD

  • David Kaminski, MD, FACEP
    Emergency Medicine

  • Christa Seaman, RN


Design & Installation Services

We can help select the right art for the different walls, rooms, corridors and ceilings in your facility. And when we're finished helping you write the specs for your art program, we have global installation services and can help install art on short notice nearly anywhere in the world.

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Our Warranty

Kalisher guarantees that all of its items will deliver as specified and in perfect condition. Further, we guarantee all of our products to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment.



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