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“While I think crowd-sourcing can be very powerful for collecting content – I’m not a fan of crowd-sourcing creative judgement. That said, here’s one designer who had the courage to do so”

- Jesse

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“I’ve always felt that artistic passion and insanity are two sides of a very fine line—and those of us who create art find ourselves navigating this line on a daily basis.” —Jesse

A postman collected pebbles every day for 33 years and what he created is astounding…

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“A perfect mirror into the essence of how human tastes and values change and shift in entirely unpredictable and unexpected ways”

- Jesse

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“The future of 3-d interactive art is very promising!” – Jesse

For her collection “Travel Wardrobe,” New Zealand artist and designer Anne Wilson creates stunning dresses out of vintage maps, creating one-of-a-kind works of art. View more of her designs on her website, Annex.

Artist NeSpoon decorates areas of her hometown, Warsaw, Poland, and cities around the world with intricate lace patterns–in stencil and paint, and even gorgeous spiderweb crochet installations. View more of her work on her online portfolio.


This concept house literally clings to the edge of a cliff.  A great and daring design.


Every two years since 1971, the city of Brussels, Belgium, creates a Flower Carpet in the Grand Place–the central square of the city. A million colorful begonias and dahlias in intricate patterns cover 1,800 square feet of space.

The 2014 design was based on the colorful patterns of African textiles.

See more images of the event via The Telegraph.

~ Sabrina

For the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris during December 2015, Belgian artist Naziha Mestaoui has conceptualized an art installation that merges the organic world with the technological one. The well-known structures of the City of Lights will serve as a backdrop for virtual forests, “grown” by the viewers of the installation. The interactive installation allows spectators to create a digital tree, controlled by their heartbeat, which is monitored by the spectator’s smartphone. To merge the virtual world with reality, a living version of each digital tree will be planted in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Europe to help with reforestation efforts.


It seems that everyone today is a street photographer, posting endless images of people with stylish outfits or amusing urban scenes on blogs for the world to see. But over a half-century ago, a private, unassuming woman who worked as a nanny turned walks with her charges into urban photo expeditions. Vivian Maier (seen in her vintage “selfie,” above) took thousands and thousands of photographs, quietly absorbing life in the cities (New York and Chicago) where she lived, seemingly with no intention of ever sharing her work with the world.  In 2007, a writer bought a box of her negatives at an auction, and 60 years after her photos were taken, her name started being spoken with awe throughout the art world, and she is now known as one of the most prolific and talented street photographers of the last 50 years.  A documentary was released about this fascinating and private woman:

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