For her collection “Travel Wardrobe,” New Zealand artist and designer Anne Wilson creates stunning dresses out of vintage maps, creating one-of-a-kind works of art. View more of her designs on her website, Annex.

Pablo Picasso


Unemployed Lumber Worker and His Wife, 1939


Joan Crawford on the set of Letty Lynton, 1934

Black-and-white images are striking in their stark contrasts, and add a certain flair to vintage photos. However, talented recolor artists have tinted these historic images, giving these images from decades (or even a century) ago a contemporary look.

Pop over to Distractify for even more recolored vintage images and all of their sources.

A building conceptualized and created by British artist Alex Chinneck seemingly defies logic in London’s Convent Garden. Take a virtual tour of this gravity-defying art installation here:

Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder from Threefold on Vimeo.

NPR’s Morning Edition is my daily jam on my commute to work, and I loved this piece about American Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt and her lovely pastels. Her tools are on display at Washington, DC’s National Gallery of Art and become a work of art themselves! Listen to the story here.  ~Sabrina

This is wonderful, and I can’t wait to see one of these developments in person. I grew up in a small, middle income apartment in Manhattan and would have loved something like this. Look at how he reimagined just one New York neighborhood—incredible!” ~ Jesse

The Wall Poems of Charlotte is a Charlotte, NC, art program that uses public spaces such as building exteriors and newspaper racks to showcase the poems of North Carolina writers and to infuse the community with more art and creativity.
~ Sabrina

Photographer Sandro Miller recreates classic images using his friend John Malkovich as the subject. The results are striking and sometimes hilarious.  ~Sabrina


I grew up in Manhattan and this idea, the design, all of it, is just brilliant! ~ Jesse

Artist NeSpoon decorates areas of her hometown, Warsaw, Poland, and cities around the world with intricate lace patterns–in stencil and paint, and even gorgeous spiderweb crochet installations. View more of her work on her online portfolio.


This concept house literally clings to the edge of a cliff.  A great and daring design.