“A fantastic look at architecture and what moves us”

- Jesse

“A perfect mirror into the essence of how human tastes and values change and shift in entirely unpredictable and unexpected ways”

- Jesse

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“The many changing faces of art in the digital age. I love seeing where this is going and am excited to be a part of the process”

- Jesse

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As a Brit who left England to escape the weather, I find this future resort in Dubai fascinating. In recreating “The Heart of Europe” they’ll be climate controlling streets to create snow and rain… I think I’d be skipping that to spend time in their underwater villas instead.

- Helen

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“I love when art steps up and makes a real difference in the world and the way in which we go about our day to day lives. This is fantastic and well worth the five minutes it takes to watch.”  - Jesse

“The future of 3-d interactive art is very promising!” – Jesse


 Baby, it’s cold outside! With temps dipping into some very low digits, get your art inspiration from the comfort of your couch, equipped with your warmest blanket and a mug of tea (or a glass of wine–we’re not judging). We rounded up some of our favorite art documentaries for your viewing pleasure to keep you entertained and inspired. ~ Sabrina

Herb & Dorothy, a retired postal clerk and librarian, are an unassuming couple who, since the 1960s, acquired more than 4,000 works of art from creators including Christo, Chuck Close, Richard Tuttle, Jeff Koons and countless others. Their requirements for the pieces they purchased: they had to like the pieces, they had to be affordable and they had to be able to fit into their one-bedroom apartment. Their passion for art has resulted in one of the most important contemporary art collections of our time.


Objectified is the story of everyday objects (from toothbrushes to chairs and bottles) and the people who design them. From the director of Helvetica (another fantastic documentary about typography and design), this documentary will change the way you look at the inanimate things that surround you in your daily life.


In the Realms of the Unreal is the story of Henry Darger, a reclusive janitor in Chicago in the early, who, in the safety of his small apartment, created artistic worlds through writing, illustration and collage.

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The Radiant Child

The band OK Go has released another music video, this time for the song “I Won’t Let You Down.” The incredible choreography and timing and the long shots are the opposite of a let-down. Take a second to watch this and wonder how much planning (and rehearsing) it took!

For her collection “Travel Wardrobe,” New Zealand artist and designer Anne Wilson creates stunning dresses out of vintage maps, creating one-of-a-kind works of art. View more of her designs on her website, Annex.

Pablo Picasso


Unemployed Lumber Worker and His Wife, 1939


Joan Crawford on the set of Letty Lynton, 1934

Black-and-white images are striking in their stark contrasts, and add a certain flair to vintage photos. However, talented recolor artists have tinted these historic images, giving these images from decades (or even a century) ago a contemporary look.

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