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With a degree in Economics from Northwestern University, Jesse spent 11 years on Madison Avenue developing advertising for clients including Procter & Gamble, Clorox and Sprint. In 1996, Jesse left advertising and began traveling and taking pictures. His photography was soon acquired by museums including the Smithsonian and The Louvre. Jesse was, for several years, a contributing commentator for NPR programming including Marketplace and The Savvy Traveler. He also began leading photography expeditions around the world and his first book, “if you find the Buddha”, was published by Chronicle Books in 2006. Later that year, Jesse entered the hospitality art market with a focus on his photography. Today, Jesse is the President of Kalisher, one of the leading providers of art for hospitality in the United States. Under Jesse’s leadership, Kalisher (the company) creates a full range of art, from 3-dimensional to paintings, graphics and more. “We wake up every day, come to work and create art for our clients—that’s an amazing job and one we never take for granted,” Jesse observed.

Artist Statement

"I am attracted equally to stories, ideas and aesthetic. The challenge I set for myself is to find moments and create pictures that stimulate the viewer on more than one level. A great photograph (for me) is one in which both the aesthetic and the meaning fight equally for our attention. It’s easy to create a pretty picture. It’s easy to create a photograph with a meaningful story. But create a picture that has both elements and you’ve got a treasure. These images are rare and difficult to make, and thus my most treasured achievement.

I deny the need to focus on a single style or category. Making one’s reputation creating the same artistic concept repeatedly is over-rated and I would die of boredom were I required to do so. Instead, I thrive on finding new challenges with my camera and exploring a full range of subject matter from street photography to landscapes to architecture.

I believe in the camera as a vehicle for capturing what actually exists in life, as a window into human achievement and the human condition. I see my role, therefore, as an observer. If I manage to capture something with my camera that strikes a chord in others, one which perhaps amuses or enlightens, or even accomplishes both at once, then I have succeeded at something wonderful."

— Jesse Kalisher

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